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A dazzling young lady living beyond her wildest dreams.

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My Travel and Adventure Stories

The best way to experience the fullness of life is to travel and find adventures as you overcome your fears throughout the journey for a lifetime. Follow me as I share my breathtaking and worth-taking adventures. Have fun!


Hello, I’m Cherrie Mae Nietes, and I got my first taste for traveling when I was 19 years old. I opted to explore and to unleash the beauty of tourist spots in the Philippines, to encourage people from different countries to visit us and to really feel that it’s more fun in PH. I also like to share with you how I overcome the challenges and struggles I encounter throughout the journey of life. Follow my misadventures to adventures as I zealously enjoy and photograph the life of a young wanderlust.


Come, join me as I find some breathtaking jaw-dropping places that will feed my soul and be lost to its natural beauty. 

Taklong Island

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