“I love you”
Three words that I like to utter every time I hear your voice.
For you are such an amazing-valiant man and I know that’s your choice.

“I miss you”
Three words that I love to say every time I wake you up in the middle of the night,
For you are my other half who completes and makes me alright.

Six months – half of the year and almost there,
Not easy that we thought it was as we glare.
But our love brightens our darkest nights,
And strengthens our faith and gives us lights.

Loving you isn’t on my lists,
But I don’t know why it twists.
No regret as you’ve said,
So do I? I’d like it to spread.

In you, real meaning of true love was found,
I thought it only exists in novels as they sound.
But I was wrong,
Because I could also experience it with you as I waited for so long.

I have found my Song of Solomon 3:4,
Yes! I have found THE ONE whom my soul loves.
Do you who he is?
Well, he’s imperfectly perfect man of my dreams,
Who happened to be my best friend, the best daddy.

I waited for him,
And I know he’s the man of my prayers.
No other than, my baby, my love, my hubby.
My only one, Matthew David Torres.

Yes, it is you!
You came in the most unexpected day of my life.
And I never foreseen, that it’s you, sent by God.
But now I know in my heart, that You are Truly the One.

They said people may come and serve as a lesson or a blessing,
But for me, you are both.
A lesson and a blessing that I can’t forget.
I love you my love, believe that for it’s true.

Happy half month of the year, my beloved.
You are truly an inspiration,
Who happened to be my good adviser,
And my forever accountable partner.

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