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Welcome to My BLOG!

Hello! Finally you’ve found me and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Cherrie Mae Nietes, Licensed Professional Teacher living beyond my wildest dreams. I started writing stories when I was third year college in our University (2015), when I was downhearted and heartbroken. I’ve made numerous pieces and discovered that I’m productive when I’m happy, in love, hurt, and heartbroken. Later on, I start exploring the world of blogging and I enjoyed it much so I opted to make my own website.

Why Young Overcomer?


1 John 5:4-5

I grew up in the world full of surprises, challenges and tests that truly give me a strong courage to keep on going and never give up. Before I thought that failure might be my destiny because of catastrophic experiences, which requires me to take heart and hard. Nonetheless, I was taught by my First love (Jesus) to keep my eyes on Him as I face the different facets of life. It may be tough either hard or complicated, but I must let my eyes stare heaven above as I look up Him. It may not easy to overcome the fears of world, but I kept on my mind and heart, that my Father is greater above all and I’m a princess of a great strong overcomer, so I have to. I have to be strong, take hard and courageous for my Father above is fighting for me too. He has overcome the world so I can overcome it too because I have His blood flowing in my veins no matter what.

In this world you will have TROUBLE but TAKE HEART, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.

John 16:33

In this website, I want to share with you how I overcome the world, no matter how complicated or simple the stuffs are. I want to encourage you all to overcome your fear and challenges throughout the journey as you travel and seek adventure with me.


I started blogging when I was in my senior year in college (2015) before finishing my degree. At the very first place, I didn’t know that I have passion for writing until the day when I was broken because of my first love.

“I cried all the way, make up was faded as my mascara scattered everywhere, sniffling and wiping my tears but later, had a stunning epiphany, indeed a great realization.”

THAT TIME I STARTED BLOGGING. I had my Tumblr account that I updated every time I was happy, in love and hurt by my first love. I was in deepest and toughest situation when I started writing and I found myself an effective writer because of different emotions and feelings that I had. It’s been my diary of my love and brokenness, and my all-time history. I was so bold when it comes to my experiences because I want my readers to feel what I feel and to learn what I’ve learned. I want to share everything happened to me because I know someone out there needs it, if you don’t then don’t read it. Fair enough!


You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep on re-reading the last page.


My FIRST LOVE had a huge part in helping me find myself through writing. So, I would like to THANK YOU wherever you are now. Thank you for loving and for hurting me, I regret once but I learned that I shouldn’t because you helped me to bring out the best in me, which is WRITING.

BLOGGING, WRITING. My home when I was in dark months. It was my reliever when I was so stress about life. In the long run, it became my passion. I would love putting all my thoughts and feelings in one piece of paper.

When I’m sad, I write.

When I’m happy, I write.

When I’m broken, I write.

When I’m restored, I write.

And eventually, I opted to choose a topic and write something about it. I enjoy every detail of the story I write, and I keep on writing the pages coz it is where I can truly be myself.


It helps me calm and cure the pain. It helps me to bring out the best in me. It saves me from the darkest nights as I cried breathlessly.  

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